Thursday, December 22, 2011

The End of Space

Have you noticed how the amount of advertising on Facebook is gradually increasing? How it crawls more and more into Gmail, or how it takes over gradually more and more space in the news pages? How those irritating ads on Youtube suddenly appeared? How more and more ads are around in the cities? And in the TV?

The result is, unfortunately, that the biggest “value” of the space now is for advertising. In other words, when space is used for advertising, one obtains for it the biggest amount of money, far bigger than if they used it for any other purpose. Use of space for advertising is preferred to using it for any other purpose.

Why is that? Well, the architecture of current world (=how the current world is nowadays organized) is based on one thing: The free global market. This means that anyone on the Earth can compete with anyone else. And, as they compete, they try to attract you/us to them, they are all competing for us.

So, while the Modern era favored the space for cars, nowadays the space is for the “consumerist culture”, leaving the human needs of ‘people’ far behind.